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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence/ChatGPT in Education

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence/ChatGPT in Education

Dec. 6, 2023


8:30-11:30 a.m.




This session will empower educators to leverage artificial intelligence and ChatGPT to create engaging and innovative learning experiences, fostering critical thinking and collaboration among their students.

Date: Dec. 6, 2023


8:30-11:30 a.m.




$30 per participant; Comprehensive Package pricing: $3 per participant

Learn more about the Comprehensive Package and see a list of participating districts here >

Prerequisites: None

CEUs: Teacher CEU

Learning objectives:

  • Develop a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence and its impact on education.

  • Discover the potential applications of AI and ChatGPT in the classroom across various subject areas.

  • Engage in practical exercises to familiarize themselves with ChatGPT and its functionalities.


Join us for an engaging half-day training session designed to equip educators in Region 5 with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT in the classroom. This session will help educators will engage in practical exercises to familiarize themselves with ChatGPT and its functionalities, share insights and ideas for leveraging AI to create innovative learning experiences, and address potential concerns and ethical considerations related to AI usage in education.

About the leader:

Sourcewell education consultants Aaron Logan and Rachel Johnson will lead this training. Logan has been in education for 11 years. The last four years he has worked as an education consultant with Tech Mobile, supporting Region 5 educators as they integrate technology and Tech Mobile equipment in their classrooms. Johnson is an experienced educator with over 15 years of teaching experience. For the past four years, she has worked as an education consultant with the Tech Mobile program, where she has been instrumental in supporting and collaborating with educators in Region 5. Johnson has led professional networks, coached educators, and partnered with them to integrate technology in meaningful ways.

Recommended follow-up:

Watch for and attend further AI workshops and training that will be held throughout the school year.

Event Registration

Registration deadline: Nov. 22, 2023

Check-in: 8 a.m.

Questions: education@sourcewell-mn.gov

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