COVID-19 Public Health Workforce Funding

Apply for funding to support your school’s COVID-19 planning, response, and/or recovery.

Your school/district can access to up to $6 per pupil in funding to support COVID-19 planning, response, and/or recovery. Sourcewell is offering this funding as a sub-award to schools within our five-county service area. The original grant is from the Center for Disease Control through the Minnesota Department of Health. MDH gave every Minnesota Service Cooperative funds to support activities necessary to expand, train, and sustain a response-ready public workforce in their respective regions. 

Key points

  • Apply by May 1, 2023. If funds remain, we will consider offering a second round. 

  • To comply with the requirements of the grant, you MUST submit your application before your incur any expenses. We are not able to process applications received after expenditure. 

  • Funding requests must fit into the parameters as stated in the application. 

  • When you submit your application, our system will route it to your district superintendent or charter school director for signature prior to processing. 

Apply for funding

Follow these steps to apply.

  1. See the list below for requirements, eligible expenses, and required documentation. When you're ready, start the form (a new browser window will open).

  2. Complete the form and upload documentation. Our system will email you a verification code. It is required to complete the form. 

  3. Once you submit, the form will automatically route to your school superintendent for signature.

  4. Sourcewell will review and process your submission. You will receive a notification when it has been approved.

Start your application
Teacher reading to student

See requirements

    • Eligible schools are limited to those within Sourcewell’s five-county service area of Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties. 

    • Each district’s total allocation of funding will be based on their overall enrollment as reported on the MDE data analytics page. Districts can submit multiple projects for a total funding award not to exceed $6/student. 

    • Applications will be approved if they do not exceed district’s maximum allocation and the proposed expenses align with grant guidelines. 

    • Applications will remain open until May 1, 2023. After that, any remaining funding will be reallocated. 

    • Your school/district must spend the funding and submit a report by June 1, 2023. Proof of expenses must be submitted prior to release of funding.  

    • Funding cannot supplant existing funding. 

    • Funding cannot be used to pay for refreshments/meals or incentives such as gift cards/swag 

    • Funds must be used to support COVID-19 planning, response, and/or recovery: 

      • Planning: e.g. COVID outbreaks or future phases of pandemic, incident management/emergency management  

      • Response: e.g. vaccination and vaccine education, testing, infection prevention, layered mitigation, resiliency 

      • Recovery: e.g. address delays in health screening/referral such as vision/hearing/development/mental health, required childhood immunizations, well-child care of students, chronic condition management. 

    • Staff training related to COVID-19 planning, response, and/or recovery. 

    • Travel expenses for staff to attend training related to COVID-19 planning, response, and/or recovery. Out of state travel is only approved if a local option is not available. 

    • Contracts with outside providers related to COVID-19 planning, response, and/or recovery. 

    • Salary costs to hire additional staff or add hours to existing staff (cannot supplant current staffing costs) to support COVID-19 planning, response, and/or recovery. 

    • Stipends for interns doing work related to COVID-19 planning, response, and/or recovery. 

    • Pay for a contractor to conduct mental health training for staff. 

    • Pay for a school nurse to attend a conference – registration and travel. 

    • Pay for a staff member’s mileage to attend Sourcewell’s School-based Mental Health network

    • Pay for a staff member’s mileage and substitute coverage to attend Sourcewell’s Youth Mental Health First Aid course. 

    • Cover a stipend to a public nurse intern from a local college. 

    1. School submits application by May 1, 2023. 

    1. Sourcewell reviews to ensure alignment with guidelines and responds with approval or seeks additional information needed. 

    1. Once approved, school may incur expense. 

    1. School submits a detailed invoice with documentation of expense by June 1, 2023. 

    1. Sourcewell remits payment by June 30, 2023.