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Today, Sourcewell partners with education, government, and nonprofit agencies to boost student and community success, as well as provide training and contracted services to help other public agencies do more with less.

What’s in it for your community?

  • Sourcewell supports educators and leaders in local government and nonprofit organizations by providing professional development, contracted services, funding, internship reimbursement, facility construction, and other needs identified in collaboration.

  • More than $15 million was invested into local communities and school districts in 2021-2022, with an additional $15 million budgeted for 2022-2023. These funds are used to support the goals and needs identified by the public leaders within the five-county region.

Common questions

    Yes. Sourcewell is a service cooperative created by the Minnesota legislature as a local unit of government (Minn. Const. art. XII, sec. 3). Sourcewell is governed by local elected municipal officials and school board members. Minn. Stat. § 123A.21 Subd. 4 (2017). As a public agency, all Sourcewell employees are government employees.

    All education and government entities, as well as nonpublic schools and nonprofit organizations, can register with Sourcewell as a participating agency by completing a simple online registration form.

    A Board of Directors governs Sourcewell, and is elected by full-voting members from a pool of county commissioners, city council members, mayors, or school board members from our five-county service area.

    The nine service cooperatives are geographically distributed across the state and serve members in their respective areas. Each service
    cooperative has a unique understanding of the strengths and needs of their members and use these insights to
    positively impact and improve outcomes.

    Learn more about the Minnesota Service Cooperatives.

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