Supporting student and community success

Sourcewell is the Minnesota service cooperative for public entities in Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties. We partner with our local government entities and schools to do collectively what they couldn't do individually. Here are a few examples:

Training and development

Sourcewell is committed to providing high-quality training tailored to the needs of the region. Training opportunities are available for teachers, administrators, local government staff, law enforcement, fire, and emergency responder personnel for their everyday work.

Video: Emergency Vehicle Operation

Ride with local law enforcement at the MN Highway Safety & Research Center

Video: Career to Classroom

See how Teacher Externships help local educators get experience 'in the field'

News: Educators Complete Literacy Academy

More than 40 regional educators complete three-year literacy cohort. 

Source: Lakeland News

Video: High Reliability Teachers

Hear one educator's experience becoming a High Reliability Teacher™

Shared Services

Sourcewell responds to the needs of regional counties, cities, and other government organizations looking for efficiencies and collaboration for services. Examples of shared services offered in our region include: Regional licensing specialists for childcare and adult foster care, county contract management for social services contracts, and a transition specialist in addition to other shared services.

News: License to Care

Read how a collaboration has helped Morrison County realize licensing efficiencies 

Source: Morrison County Record

Video: More to Maintain

Learn how the City of Emily saved time and money on a maintenance shop expansion

Video: From Intern to Agent

Hear how one Crow Wing County Probation Agent got his start via an internship

Video: Climbing the Ladder

Get the Brainerd Fire Chief's view on purchasing a new fire truck through cooperative purchasing


Local government and 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations in our five-county service area can apply for funding to support projects and initiatives through two programs: Community Impact Funding (to support large-scale projects) and Community Match Funding (to support smaller projects). Learn more about funding and reimbursement opportunities for local government and nonprofits.

Our approach to providing support to schools continues to evolve as we learn the best ways to be a partner on the unique objectives of each school district. Currently, we use a formula based on student population to commit resources annually to each district. We then help them navigate our offerings to make a plan for the best use of those resources to help them achieve their district objectives. School districts can apply for Small Project Match funds for single or multiple projects.

In a five-year period spanning 2018-2022, Sourcewell has committed $21.5M for the construction of four educational facilities for students with special behavior and mental health needs in Wadena, Little Falls, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley, and Brainerd.

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