Funding opportunities for local government

Since 2014, local government and nonprofit organizations have used more than $16.3 million in funding to positively impact central Minnesota communities.

These programs are limited to members in Sourcewell's five-county service area.

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    Need just a little extra financial support to get a small project done in your community? Get up to $2,000 per fiscal year through our Boost Funds program.

    2024-25 Boost Funds application for local governments (PDF) >

    Plan for a project, or collection of projects, that enhance operations and programs! Request up to $50,000 per fiscal year with the requirement of a 25% match. Resolutions are only required for county applications. 

    2024-25 Match Funds application for local governments (PDF) >

    Our goal is to help our local governments better serve their communities.

    Information on Impact Funds for fiscal year 2025-26 will be available early 2025.

    2024 funding recipients >

    Access professional expertise outside of your entity to enhance operations and programs. Request up to $20,000 per fiscal year with 100% of costs reimbursed. Multiple requests allowed.

    Learn how to apply >

    Shape future community leaders and get support for your entity. We'll even help you pay the intern through our Internship Reimbursement Program.

    Learn how to apply >

    Sourcewell reimburses eligible entities for approved trainings including initial and refresher courses on CPR/AED, Basic First Aid, EMR, and EMT.

    Reimbursement request form >

    Access local training facilities at no cost. Through a partnership with the Precision Driving Center of Minnesota, Sourcewell covers 100% of the cost for law enforcement, city ambulance, fire departments, public works, and highway departments. Schedule directly with the Precision Driving Center of Minnesota.

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    Earn 1% cash back when your entity purchases from a Sourcewell contract. These rebate dollars are kept in a Sourcewell account, and you'll automatically receive the rebate cash payout every fall. Eligibility is limited to local government entities.

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    A Record-Setting Day of Community Impact

    Almost $3 million was awarded to local nonprofit and government agencies through Sourcewell's Community Impact Funds in 2024.

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    2024 Impact Funding Review Day