Sourcewell for counties

We have solutions ready to help your county thrive, no matter its size. We’re designing programs and resources with you in mind — from leaders to front-line staff

  • Find professional development and training that's tailored to meet the needs you and your colleagues. 

  • Operate more efficiently and effectively with services designed for counties. 

  • When your big ideas need a little lift, consider our Community Boost, Match, or Impact Funding programs.

Programs may be limited to counties within our five-county service area

Aerial view of a rural county road

Access programs and services to support you as you fulfill your public service mission.

Professional development & training

Find courses and training for you and your staff to help you succeed.

Funding & reimbursement programs

Get financial support for projects that make your community better. Hire an intern, train your staff in emergency medical response, or hire a specialized consultant and we’ll reimburse part (or all) of your expenses.

Shared equipment

Borrow equipment that’s been purchased by area communities with help from Sourcewell Impact Funding dollars.

Cooperative purchasing

Save time and money on the high-quality goods and services you need to keep your entity running smoothly.

Insurance & employee benefits

Take care of your most important asset — your employees.


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