Continuous growth & improvement

Our team works to support schools in their strategy and planning for addressing the needs in your system. Each regional district is paired with a District Strategy Partner, a senior Sourcewell team member with deep background in leadership, implementation, and systems planning.

Our work is supported by a regional Advisory Council, consisting of representatives in various leadership roles from almost half of our districts.

The Advisory Council developed this vision to guide our work:

By ensuring equitable access to a personalized learning experience through regional collaboration, each student in the region will graduate with the core competencies needed to thrive intellectually, socially, emotionally, and professionally in the world.

Educators fist bumping


Together with the Advisory Council, we have developed an Effective Schools Blueprint, identifying the key components to supporting a high-quality educational experience. The Effective Schools Blueprint includes Integral Student Supports that foster strong learning, as well as Foundational Conditions that enable these supports to exist and sustain. Schools can engage in a self-evaluation process to identify strengths and needs to inform strategic planning. 

Effective Schools Blueprint


Sourcewell has a portfolio of solutions, both internally-supported as well as external referrals, that align with the Effective Schools Blueprint. This includes partnerships with research-based programs such as High Reliability Schools, Modern Teacher, and The Catalyst Approach.


District Strategy Partners can support identification of programs and practices that align with school needs and planning. They are also equipped with tools and training which support implementation to ensure fidelity and sustainability.


In order to monitor effectiveness over time, we have adopted the Redefining Ready framework for measuring readiness as students enter the world. This framework allows us to tell the story better than just standardized testing scores.


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