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Sourcewell's Equity Vision
Sourcewell exists to empower community success. We stand with our partners in government and education striving to recognize and honor the differences in each of our community members. We are committed to removing barriers to equity.

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Creating learning communities where all can thrive

Inequities can be hard to recognize. Sourcewell offers a variety of programs focused on helping educators and school leaders in the five-county service area cultivate equity knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the safety and success of all students.

    The Minnesota Department of Education defines educational equity as: "the condition of justice, fairness, and inclusion in our systems of education so that all students have access to the opportunities to learn and develop to their fullest potentials. The pursuit of educational equity recognizes the historical conditions and barriers that have prevented opportunity and success in learning for students based on their races, incomes, and other social conditions. Eliminating those structural and institutional barriers to educational opportunities requires systematic change that allows for distribution of resources, information, and other support depending on the student's situation to ensure an equitable outcome. Equity is different from equality. Equity is a principle that is based upon justness and fairness, while equality demands everyone be treated at the same level."

    MN Statute requires Cultural Competency training for educators to renew their teaching license with PELSB (Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board). Sourcewell has developed a PELSB-approved training that meets all components of PELSB’s definition. 

    Elevate Community Impact Series is all about creating a safe learning place for adults in school and community settings that are ready to engage in learning about people, groups, and cultures you may not have the opportunity to discuss in your typical work day. Each series focuses on different people or identity groups and is designed to promote change and build capacity for more equitable spaces and experiences for all. Trained Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) leaders, Rachel Logan and Lisa Worden host and facilitate the learning series for people who are interested in challenging their own personal beliefs and practices while connecting with others along the same journey. 

    The Excavating Excellence Leadership Cohort focuses on helping educators address biases and inequities at their roots to create long-lasting positive change in their schools. Participate in a cohort and you will learn and have support in adapting and advocating for policies and practices that foster schoolwide equitable learning environments, enhancing engagement, and making achievement for all students your ultimate goal.

    Looking for a support tailored to your school’s needs? Contact us to learn more. We can support your team in strategically addressing systems improvement through an equity lens, including examining policies, procedures, curriculum, and instruction for potential barriers to success for each student. Onsite professional development can also be provided. Sample options include implicit bias training, examining inequities in school systems, or anti-racism work.

    Additional equity trainings are regularly offered at Sourcewell. Check the training page for up-to-date offerings.

    "Out of all the trainings and education that I've experienced in the last 12 years, SEED by far has been the most influential in how I teach, interact, and respond to those around me."

    - Sara Lenz, Educator, Wadena-Deer Creek Schools

    Planting seeds of change

    After participating in Elevate Community Impact Series peer-led professional development through Sourcewell, local educators are changing lives and helping ensure that all students and families feel wanted, accepted, supported, and loved in school.

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    For more information about equity programs available through Sourcewell, contact education@sourcewell-mn.gov.