Career & college readiness programs

Sourcewell is committed to providing schools within our five-county service area access to comprehensive Career and College Readiness Planning. By partnering with local school districts, colleges, businesses, the Minnesota Department of Education, and other organizations, we aim to increase students transition success — for their benefit and for regional economic development.

Through Sourcewell, regional schools have access to programs focused on:

  • The successful transition of students from school to work and college

  • Developing effective K-12 career planning and career exposure

  • Enhancing opportunities for students to gain work experience and earn college credit and industrial certifications

Student working

The goal: prepare every student for college and their career.

Tech Mobile

A classroom on wheels, Tech Mobile offers access to STEAM-based equipment, curriculum, professional development, and project-based learning activities. Trained consultants work with schools to excite and inspire K-12 students with hands-on, technology-centered learning.

This program is limited to Sourcewell's five-county service area.


Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is a post-high school readiness system dedicated to preparing students for postsecondary choices. AVID serves students who are often underrepresented in college, while also providing research-based strategies schoolwide. You may also want to join the AVID Network.


A middle school experiential learning program and lifestyle design game for students discovering themselves. Students find the truest, happiest, and greatest versions of themselves — and the career field that makes them come alive

Career Pathways Program

Ensure your 9-12 grade students are career ready by building pathways that will prepare them for employment and/or post-secondary education or training. A Sourcewell career consultant will help you design outcomes-based career pathways that meet national metrics and best practices established by Redefining Ready! (non-government site) and will support your students in planning for life after graduation as they explore all the opportunities available to them.

School-to-business connections

Helping to build collaborative partnerships among schools, businesses, agencies, and colleges to develop and align career-planning resources and create opportunities for real-world work experiences

Other tools & resources

    Partnering with over 435 schools across the country, OnToCollege (OTC) is focused on helping build more two- and four-year college grads with minimal debt. Schools participating in OTC have routinely seen an increase in their schoolwide ACT scores of 1-3 points.

    Minnesota Rural Education Association (MREA) member districts and Sourcewell regional schools are eligible for a discount on both OTC Test Prep and College Counseling.

    Additional information is available at (nongovernment site)

    Rural Minnesota CEP (Concentrated Employment Programs), offers career counseling to help individuals determine a career path.  In addition, they also provide a variety of employment services to job seekers—including high school students entering the job market.

    Learn more about available programs at (nongovernment site).